Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre

About us: Philosophy Statement

Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre offers your child a safe, creative and inviting environment, where children are inspired to form meaningful relationships with their peers, educators and their community. We provide quality care and education which encourages your child to explore the complex nature of the socialisation process which is guided by strategies such as modelling and scaffolding, ensuring best practice.  We work closely with The Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that all children experience Being, Belonging and Becoming. We value the principle, practices and the outcomes associated with identity, community, well-being, learning and communicating. We endeavor to guide, extend and enrich children’s learning, provide opportunities for children to develop a foundation for learning and for children to become successful learners. We establish strength and interest profiles which ensure your child’s curiosities are acknowledged and their strengths are built upon.

We endeavour to create a stimulating setting which offers regular daily routine that promotes safety and values consistency in your child’s life, whilst regarding the importance of spontaneity, versatility and variety in programming.  We work in individual, group and class settings, looking closely at factors which influence language and communication development, investigating experiences which enhance and support children’s language and literacy, and offering opportunities and strategies for children who use English as a second language. We believe in an environment where children can excel in their learning domains of development as educators listen, talk and engage with mutual understanding and respect.

We value resilience as an asset and promote each child’s capability and resourcefulness, where autonomy is celebrated and a sense of agency is encouraged.  We believe that children should be free to explore the world around them, which is why we so highly value and celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism found in the Meadowbank community.  The collaborative approach we have with families secures a connection between child and environment and ensures that children and their families are involved in the expert education of their child.  We believe that knowledge, experience and empowerment are the key to good educators. When educators are confident and inspired to strive for further potential through education they become the best educators. 


You have been so incredibly kind and thoughtful. What other pre-school would walk four kids to and from school? Bless you for all your kindness. Love the Coulam Family.



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